Her nomadic lifestyle is characteristic for her work


With traveling ears she explores the intersection and blurring line between music, sound, yoga, nature and traveling.

NOMADIC OBOE is a musician, sound artist, sailor, and yoga teacher.

She received her oboe education from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and has been playing the oboe and giving concerts since a young age.


She started as a classical oboist and gradually moved her practice towards an experimental contemporary field together with improvisations, electronics, sound performances and installations.


Her work is strongly influenced by nature and her music tends to portray HER SENSE OF IMAGINATIVE LISTENING TO LANDSCAPES AND NATURE.




Together with her partner she makes the connection between nature and art by sailing their ship around in the world. Their fascination for Polar areas brought them to remote places like, Spitsbergen, Greenland and South Georgia were they work together with artists, scientist, and filmmakers to show the world what's gong on in nature.


to raise environmental awareness for human kind in connection with nature in times of climate change.



For her music, performances and installations she is using her alt-oboe, voice, double-bass, electronics, sounding materials- found on her explorations-,

field recordings, underwaterrecordings and infra sounds.

She works solo or in collaboration with other artists like musicians, dancers, visual artists, video artists and scientists like (marin-)biologists, geologists, astronomer.


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